TIM HOLTZ - Glass Media Mat

TIM HOLTZ - Glass Media Mat



  • The glass media mat tool measures 23” x 14”
  • The black glass area measures 12” x 14”
  • The white mixing palette area measures 7 ½” x 11”

You’ve just found your new crafting space! The Glass Media Mat designed by Tim Holtz for Tonic Studios is the perfect multi-functional tool that every crafter and artist needs. This mat is designed to be your workspace and your messy space. So, if you love to scrapbook, make cards, paint, create mixed media art or you enjoy working with polymer clay; this is the space that you need to make your one-of-a-kind pieces. This crafting space works great at your kitchen table, in your craft room, even at a crop or a class. You can even use your rotary tools and craft knives without damaging the glass surface.

This is YOUR space to create!

What is the Glass Media Mat?

Use the mat for projects that you use a lot of glue, paint, gesso and anything else; your mess won’t get in the way of creating your masterpiece. When you’re done creating, simply remove the craft mat and wash it off, it’s that easy! You can clean it by placing it in your dishwasher, rinsing it off in your sink or you can clean it with solvents. You can also blend your paints, markers, inks and more; use the black glass portion of the mat to create an easy motion of movement on your surface to blend your ink or other mediums. Or on the white palette area, use a wet paintbrush or water brush and pick up your chosen color; start having some fun by mixing your watercolors, distress inks, crayons, inks and more on the palette area. Water-based mediums will never dry on the surface. Try using your cube inks and mix and match your color choices for endless creative possibilities!

So, now that you’ve read how awesome the Glass Media Mat is, you can bet that you’ll have hours of fun creating on your new workspace!

Features of the Glass Media Mat

  • Black tempered glass mat that has a 12” x 14” workspace. Features imperial and metric measurements. You can fit a 12” x 12” sheet of scrapbook paper and still have an inch on each side of your workspace.
  • The ruler grid is underneath the black tempered glass mat, so no worries that the measurements will fade over time.
  • Each square on the black glass working area measures 1” x 1”. The bottom features a ruler that measures from 0” to 14”, the side measures from 0” to 12” and the top has a zero displayed in the middle allowing you to easily center your projects.
  • A removable, durable non-stick area that measures 7 ½” x 11”. The white craft mat is made of silicone on the back, which keeps it from moving around your workspace.
  • The white palette area boasts a 25 square grid that can be used as your color palette for your project or for mixing; your mediums will not dry on this surface. 
  • Durable feet on the bottom of the mat that raise the mat slightly; gives you a barrier along the edges so that your tools keep out of your workspace.

Glass Media Mat Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the media mat come with the scraper and straight edge tool? 
A: The scraper and straight edge tools are sold separately. – Tonic Studios

Q: I am left handed. Would this be a useful Media Mat for me to use? Or is this for only right handed crafters?   
A: I am left handed as well, and I see NO PROBLEM in just turning the mat around in the opposite direction. Also using the Slide rule for cutting, just use it from the bottom and opposite side edge of the mat, very simple solutions. This mat can totally be used and enjoyed by both right and left handed crafters. Hope this helps. – nurseman1951

Q: I have just read that the glass media mat, has several scratches when using a cutting knife, so I wanted to know if this is the case?   
A: The glass media mats will scratch when a knife is used on them, it won’t hurt the glass, but it will scratch it. – Tonic Studios

Q: Can you use alcohol markers on the mat?   
A: Please note that we indicate on the packaging that alcohol markers could stain this mat. – Tonic Studios

Q: I wonder if it would be safe to use the Fuse tool on this mat? 
A: I do not see any issue with using the WeR’s Fuse Tool, the heat will not affect the glass. However, be careful with the fine tip so that you do not scratch the glass. – Tonic Studios

Q: Can I use polymer clay on the mat? 
A: Even though I do not craft with polymer clay, I have read several articles about what the best surfaces for a clay artist are to utilize. For the serious artist the surfaces of choice are Glass and Marble. This is because they stay cool and make using the clay easier. – Tonic Studios

Q: Is the non-stick mat for the side included? How much pressure can you put on the glass? If you are stamping on one of those plastic 8ft. long tables (that "give" when you stamp on them and give you partial images) will using this media mat solve that problem? 
A: The non-stick mat is included. I do not have an actual measurement of how much pressure you can put on the glass, but I have used this item on a plastic folding table and it makes a perfect surface for stamping. You should have no problem when pushing down on a plastic table. – Tonic Studios

Q: Is there a sleeve available for transporting it to crops?
A: If you check out the Tim Holtz Creativation 2018 You Tube video on this, the answer is “yes, the box” there is no plan for a sleeve due to the weight. – ladypisces3161

How to Clean the Glass Media Mat: 

Do not use alcohol-based products on the craft mat, they will stain.

For water-based products, you can easily clean up with water. Just spray water and wipe clean. Solvent products can be cleaned using hand sanitizer and a soft cloth.

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