Krafty-King uses The Courier Guy for all deliveries within South Africa.  Where The Courier Guy are unable to provide a cost-effective or delivery service , Krafty-King will then use Postnet where clients can collect their order from their nearest Postnet branch.

Due to the unreliablity of the South African Postal Service, this option is not available.  


Krafty-King undertakes to ensure that the order is securely packaged and is not responsible for damaged or lost goods incurred by The Courier Guy, Postnet or any other third party.


Please make sure you select the correct shipping option at checkout and provide the correct delivery address.  Krafty-King will not be held responsible for incorrect delivery address information provided.


All goods are sold voetstoets and without warranties or representations express or implied which have been given or made in respect thereof.


Unless Krafty-King receives notification in writing within 24 hours of the receipt of the goods that any one of them is damaged or defective in any way or is delivered in error, it shall be taken that the goods were in good condition and not subject to any defect of any kind and were not delivered in error.  Krafty-King will endevour to securely package the goods and is in no way responsible for damage or losses incurred during shipment. 


Unless Krafty-King receives notification within 24 hours of the date of receipt by the purchaser of a consignment of goods that there was any shortfall or error  in such consignment, then it shall be deemed the goods delivered were correct in all respects and that the invoice or accompanying delivery shall be prima facie proof of the correctness thereof and should any dispute arise, the purchaser shall have the onus to prove that there was a shortage of goods or that the goods were delivered in error or that the goods were delivered in error or that the goods were subject to a defect.  


Krafty-King shall not be obliged to refund the purchaser with the purchase price of any goods returned until actually received by Krafty-King in the original packaging and an acknowledgement of receipt issued and the nature of the damage is acknowledged by Krafty-King.  No goods will be accented for return after 14 days from the date of delivery.  A minimum of 20% handling charge is levied on all returned goods.